What is Bilibili and how to get started?

Bilibili, also known as B Site (B站), is a popular video-sharing website themed around animation, comics, and games (ACG).

About Bilibili

Bilibili, also known as B Site (B站), is a popular video-sharing website themed around animation, comics, and games (ACG).

Bilibili mainly targets young entertainment consumers. Many brands and companies such as KFC, Fanta, and Tmall now use Bilibili to target Gen Z in China.

Founded in 2009, Bilibili now has around 237 million monthly active users, as updated in Q3 2021. The company went public on the NASDAQ in 2018 and landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2021.

A majority of Bilibili videos are user-generated content. But Bilibili also has professionally generated content like imported animation shows. It launched a premium membership subscription service on the site in 2016, charging RMB 25 per month for some of the content and value-added services.

How To Get Started On Bilibili

Content Creators

Individual users can sign up using their phone number on bilibili.com.

Sign up on Bilibili
Sign up on Bilibili

Business and Advertising

If you want to target Gen Z in China, Bilibili is an excellent advertising option. Many successful campaign cases, done by famous brands like JD.com, KFC, Fanta, etc, all hit millions of views.

You can contact Bilibili’s advertising team by leaving your (China-registered) phone number and company/industry information, and then someone will contact you.

Advertising on Bilibili
Advertising on Bilibili

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